Sunday, January 31, 2016


Welcome to my new blog, First Against The Wall Come The Revolution! The premise is deadly simple. Each week I will post the picture of someone - celebrity, politician, business leader, person famous for being famous, or organization - who I think should be first against the wall come the revolution if I were running the revolution. Simple right?!

So there are depressingly few rules.

  • Rule One: No terrorists, spree killers or the Westboro Baptist Church. Let's face it we all want terrorists dead they're the ones who are trying to have a real revolution. Spree killers are pretty much all assholes too but with less political motivation. As for the Westboro Baptist Church, if I had to post their picture every time they annoyed me I'd never take their picture down, and it would get awfully repetitive for anyone who might read this.
  • Rule Two: No Poofters. And anyone who doesn't get that this is a reference to a very old Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch and gets offended because I'm attacking/defaming or otherwise being mean to gay people or some other group, well send me your pictures because you could be next week's candidate.
  • Rule Three: No seriously, don't send me your pictures. You might offer suggestions for next week's candidate however. Put them in the comment section. They will be considered but the final decision is always mine and my definition of who should go up against the wall will probably be quite different from yours.
  • Rule Four: A minimum of repeats. I'd like to make it no repeats, but hey, we're living in a world where Donald J. Trump is running for President of the United Freaking States, so no guarantees.
  • Rule Five: I reserve unto myself for perpetuity or whenever I get tired of doing this the right to post outside of my supposed weekly timeline if something too rich to be put off until the next week. I also reserve unto myself the right to on occasion post the image of someone who I so thoroughly agree with that I would let them lead the revolution (but they will be rare, and Bernie Sanders will not be one of them). Finally I reserve unto myself the right to post people who haven't been particularly egregious in a particular week but qualify for their cumulative efforts. You know, like Donald Trump from the time he tore down the architecturally significant Bonwit-Teller store, "destroying valuable Art Deco bas-relief sculptures on its facade, promised to the Metropolitan Museum of Art," to build the Trump Tower. In fact let's just say that I reserve unto myself the right to, on ocassion, break each of the previous four rules.
  • Rule Six: There is no Rule 6. (Monty Python reference again. Same sketch as a matter of fact.)
  • Rule Seven: I have absolutely no intention of leading a revolution in case you were wondering. I'm too old and too comfortable with my life.